New UV Purification and Remediation Technique for Groundwater and Drinking Water

RemUVe – A water treatment plant that ensures you clean drinking water and groundwater

RemUVe is a mobile water treatment plant which ensures you one of our most important resources: our drinking water and groundwater.

RemUVe is developed by Insatech and DGE with support from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food’s development and research fund, MUDP pool.

The plant is easy and cost-saving to install, operate and not least maintain for both large and small waterworks.

Pesticides in our groundwater are a challenge, and even if we stop the use of pesticides today, it will be a big task for the waterworks to protect the consumers from the harmful substances over the next 30 years. That is why we have developed RemUVe! 

RemUVe removes pesticides and chlorinated solvents by breaking them down into non-harmful substances. This is done through an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), based on strong UV light combined with an extremely accurate dosage of hydrogen peroxide. The UV light causes the substances to oxidize, and the hydrogen peroxide accelerates this process, so they break down into smaller, non-harmful molecules.

The plant is self-adjusting, and both UV light and hydrogen peroxide are automatically adjusted, depending on the content of pesticides and chlorinated solvents, so that costs are always kept to a minimum. In addition, the plant can scale the capacity at any time, depending on your needs.

Contact us to know more about how RemUVe can reduce or even remove contamination in your groundwater or drinking water supply.

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  • Reduction in chlorinated solvents especially PCE, TCE, VC and CIS-1,2-dichlorethylen to levels below detection limits.
  • Reduces the concentration of DMS, DPC and BAM to levels below the EU´s target thresholds or even below detection limits.
  • The full-scale system is fully automatic and has the ability to increase and decrease energy use.
  • The total capacity of RemUVe is scalable depending on the concentration of contamination.

RemUVe adds Savings

  • Ensures operations without major reorganization of the waterworks.
  • Low operating costs for all waterworks.
  • Reduces operating costs for “pump & treatment” of remedial systems.
  • Reduces the use of activated carbon.
  • Increases capacity automatically without increasing costs.

Contributes to UN’s Sustainability Goals

Our solution contributes positively to several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but in particularly to goal 6 and 12

The method is intended to ensure good and low cost purification of contaminated drinking water.
Ensures that drinking water received by the consumers is of an adequate quality.

The method will result in a significant reduction of activated carbon for purification of drinking water.