About us

RemUVe is the result of an innovative collaboration between the two Danish companies DGE and Insatech.

The project was partially funded by the Danish EPA.

The collaboration

Insatech’s profound knowledge of process control and UV technology, combined with many years of experience as a supplier of solutions to the Danish water industry, has enabled the merger of technologies that today constitutes RemUVe. 

More specifically, Insatech’s contribution to the solution includes project management, mechanical and electrical construction, process control, PLC control, data processing and online measurement.

As experienced, professional experts, DGE has contributed with counselling and know-how within the entire spectrum of groundwater remediation. DGE’s innovative approach and profound knowledge thus ensures the quality of the RemUVe solution throughout the process.

Insatech has provided instrumentation, calibration and services to the Danish industry since 1989. Our customers benefit from more than 30 years of experience, which enables us to offer technical expertise in industry-specific applications and documentation requirements. We work within the food, pharmaceutical, energy, marine, water, wastewater, oil and gas industries and develop, produce and deliver our own solutions globally to marine, water and pharmaceutical companies.

DGE is a privately owned, national environmental consulting company with companies throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The company was founded in 1985 in Denmark and employs a total of 165 specialized employees. DGE offers a wide range of services and overall solutions within Soil and Groundwater, Building Pollution, Business Environment, Raw Materials, Geotechnics and Climate.